Reduce IT Expenditure

Your business relies more heavily on IT than ever before, but it’s necessary to make sure the costs associated with IT are controlled and managed – or with Centra Networks communications, reduced. You can do this through two key methods: cost optimisation and lowering spend on software licensing. Whether you’re tackling cost centres for IT maintenance, expansion, infrastructure, human resources or software, let’s work together to find the most effective solutions for you.


A wide range of solutions to optimise your IT costs from increasing your computing and data capacity to lowering HR costs.


Leverage our cloud-based licensing models to lower your costs while increasing your flexibility to choose the subscriptions and licenses that suit your needs.

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Centra Networks premium dedicated hosting platform has delivered to Sundown the ability for all sites and users to work in real time and for all line managers and executives to effectively collaborate working with the same data no matter what site they operate form.

Gary Lederhose
Group Accountant , Sundown Pastoral Co

Centra Networks provides full IT management from the server to all workstations, printers and vendor management that provides process driven, reliable and effective support RQYS needs.

Peter Coddington
CFO, Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron