Solving your IT challenges with hyperconvergence

In the age of digital disruption, businesses must work quickly and efficiently to stay ahead of the curve. Just like keeping up with your own industry news, so to must you update the technology you use to keep business running day to day. Traditional and outdated IT infrastructure is a common problem among many organisations. The answer? Hyperconvergence.

What is hyperconvergence?
The buzzword refers to an IT framework that combines compute, storage and networking in a single system. To put it simply, it brings your technology into one software-driven appliance, making it more compact, efficient and cost-effective. Hewlett Packard Enterprise is one of the first to bring hyperconverged infrastructure to market. While it is a relatively new option, it has revolutionised thousands of businesses around the world already. Let’s tell you why:

It simplifies operations
Hyperconverged infrastructure makes work easier than ever before. IT should help streamline work, not make it more complex. Hyperconvergence brings everything together in one place removing hardware clutter and reducing touchpoints, as well as making it easier to scale out/in resources as required. Data is safer and your IT team have more time to focus on other projects. With one place for all of your IT, business operations are simplified.

It keeps your business safe
Peace of mind is priceless. Hyperconvergence is a great solution. It helps create highly resilient systems as part of a hybrid cloud architecture crucial to your data security. This also helps with disaster recovery related to security breaches, a common issue for modern businesses that is often overlooked until too late.

You can work from anywhere
These days, businesses are not confined to one location. Staff work from home or move about in their daily tasks and it is important to have mobility for your workforce. Hyperconvergence delivers a virtualized infrastructure platform that combines powerful compute resources, highly available storage and networking connections in a single, rackmount form factor. With greater workload mobility, it doesn’t matter where your staff are, they can connect to your data and each other easily.

You can operate faster, smarter and cheaper
Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of hyperconverged infrastructure is its ability to allow faster, smarter and more cost-effective operations. Data efficiency and protection is increased dramatically, the infrastructure is more resilient which in turn reduces downtime and costs are lowered thanks to the combined approach that brings your tech together. It takes less time and effort to get things done so IT staff can work on other priorities increasing agility and reducing time wastage. This trickles down to all staff members, as the infrastructure they use to do their job is working more efficiently.

By allowing businesses to simplify operations, work anywhere and work faster for less, HPE’s hyperconverged solutions help IT become an innovator for the business.

But that’s enough chat – want to see it in action?

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