A Printer Management & Server Solution Can Reduce Ink & Paper Consumption

Centra Networks is a HP Managed Print Service Provider which allows us to offer a printing service to optimise infrastructure, manage environment and improve workflow. Centra Networks print server solution allows your company all the network administration capabilities you are looking for in a company-wide print server. It provides a central hub where administrators can manage which users have access to which printing options. User print configurations are fully customisation and provide administrators control over user access to the networks printers. These permissions can be adjusted per user to meet the user’s needs on the network.

Another way strong print management can save you money and streamline your printing operation is by effectively eliminating your older and inefficient printers. If your current printing situation is made up of random printers installed on your network, then it may be the case that some of them are draining your office supply budget. This is because some printers cost a lot more to maintain than others. With print management from Centra Networks, we can identify the inefficient printers and recommend an economical solution.

Reliable & Safe

Controlled Cost

Bundled auto-fulfillment of top-quality supplies reduces overall expenses

Needs assessment

Comprehensive enterprise review identifies hidden opportunities for optimising your fleet

Enhanced productivity

Improved device up-time allows users to complete printing tasks efficiently

Remote monitoring

Automatic alerts prompt technician support 24x7x365

Resource reallocation

Offloading help desk and repair tasks allows IT staff to shift to more value-added projects

Compliance support

Usage, service and green reports help meet efficiency improvement requirements

How Centra Networks Print Can Help You

Remote and onsite support

A remote tech team continually monitors devices for malfunctions or outages so you can complete more important tasks.

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Comprehensive supply sightlines

Our auto-fulfilment program tracks usage remotely, then send the supplies you need automatically when your stock is low.

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Powerful analytics and usage assessment.

Manage your print fleet strategically with usage, service and green reports, all available through our client portal at any time.

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Print Smart and Be Environmentally Conscious

Managing your printers is a great way to go green by using less paper and electricity.

Despite the increased prevalence of digital communication within the modern office, paper consumption still increases by nearly 20% every year. Your average employee uses one sheet of paper every twelve minutes! A print server solution can help control this waste by enforcing printing limitations for every network user which presents increased efficiency.

Every business is looking to do their part to cut down on waste and establish a greener workplace. An additional benefit of incorporating our print server solution is that it can help your company reduce their carbon footprint by saving electricity and paper.