Managed Services

Don't be blindsided! Our IT Managed Service Plans transform your IT support from reactive to proactive while controlling costs and maximizing uptime.

Save Time & Money And Put Your Focus Where IT Belongs: Your Core Business

“Managed Services” means better management, inspired leadership, strategic planning and efficient computer support for your organisation. Managed IT Services are designed to eliminate the problems businesses have in managing their computer environment. Your time is precious. You have more important issues to deal with than your computer network. It is, however, a critical enabler to your business and in need of attention to ensure it’s running predictably, optimally and securely.

Centra Networks managed services plan is the ideal solution for an organisation that demands the utmost in system reliability and quality service.

Stop Buying Downtime – Invest in Uptime

Centra Networks managed service solutions provide managed IT services bespoke to your business at a fraction of the price. Our team manage and monitor your IT Systems using the latest Technology, with regular system scans detecting any issues before they occur.

Managed Services Benefits

Network Administration

Our dedicated network administrator will identify vulnerabilities in your systems and any bad security practices in your business processes.

Technology Consulting

With the right advice, technology will help you to achieve business goals, increase efficiency and solve internal challenges.

Proactive Maintenance & Monitoring

You’ll experience fewer IT problems due to the constant monitoring and maintenance carried out by our proactive support team.

24/7 Support

Immediate support when IT issues disrupt your productivity, getting you working again as quickly as possible.

Support and proactive maintenance of your physical or cloud hosted servers (the brain) to safeguard important data files and improve performance, saving time and money.

  • Advanced 24/7 performance monitoring to catch problems before they sabotage your server
  • Configuration management to improve performance speed and avoid those pesky ‘unexpected error’ messages
  • Key application maintenance
  • Real-time optimisation to improve the efficiency of your server’s data processing
  • Scheduled preventative maintenance
    – cleaning up temp files that chew memory and slow performance
    – review system events for issues
    – verify user account configuration
  • Unlimited remote and on-site support

Keeping your network connected. Your network is like your nervous system linking your brain to your muscles. When it fails, your brain can’t get the messages through.

  • Switch performance monitoring – switches connected servers, computers and printers so they can talk to each other
  • Router performance monitoring – your gateway to the world – when it’s down your internet is too
  • Fire wall management to protect your system and data from intrusion by hackers, keyloggers and trojans
  • Unlimited remote and on-site support

Keeping your staff happy and productive with preventative maintenance.

  • Ensuring the machine is always ‘available’
  • Defragging the drive to reduce the effort the machine needs to process data
  • Updating drivers for printers, modems and other devices to ensure they work without a hitch
  • Checking the reboot system – when computers are left on all the time there is no guarantee they will reboot when turned off
Have questions? We have answers.

Centra Networks premium dedicated hosting platform has delivered to Sundown the ability for all sites and users to work in real time and for all line managers and executives to effectively collaborate working with the same data no matter what site they operate form.

Gary Lederhose
Group Accountant , Sundown Pastoral Co

Centra Networks provides full IT management from the server to all workstations, printers and vendor management that provides process driven, reliable and effective support RQYS needs.

Peter Coddington
CFO, Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron