IT Infrastructure made simple with SimpliVity

As technology grows in leaps and bounds, the IT challenges for organisations also begin to pile up. The increasing cost of maintaining legacy infrastructure can take a significant toll but with HPE SimpliVity, businesses can take back control. A powerful, simple and efficient hyperconverged platform that will streamline IT operations at a fraction of the cost, HPE SimpliVity will modernise your business, simply.

But why SimpliVity?

Hyperconvergence is a powerful way to consolidate your software and hardware devices easily and efficiently. Through HPE SimpliVity, you can combine your entire infrastructure into a simple, flexible building block, further reducing the cost and complexity of your IT environment and delivering the technology your organisation needs. You can keep some of your storage physical and some in the cloud, creating an efficient hybrid machine.

By bringing everything together, businesses can save up to 90% on capacity. Always-on compression and deduplication enables powerful application performance and capacity cost savings across storage and backup. Restoring data is also easier, with a simple, centralised global management that lets you administer operations in minutes. Through all of these improvements, the bottom line is, you save money. Efficiency goes up and costs go down.

Not only does HPE SimpliVity have many benefits, it also solves many problems traditional IT presents organisations. Disaster recovery and data protection is crucial in today’s digital economy and hyperconvergence solutions can keep it under control in less time and with less storage and bandwidth requirements.

HPE SimpliVity also makes it easy to scale for remote and branch offices and centralises management into a single, unified solution. The ability to harness the cloud alongside physical infrastructure is ideal for a hybrid environment so you get the cost benefits without the risk.

Looking forward, hyperconverged customers will continue to see their hyperconverged experience improve with new innovations. Some of the newest innovations include multi-tenant workspaces with self-service portals that let IT operators quickly and easily compose and recompose virtualised environments instantly from a single resource pool. Predictive analytics also give IT managers the tools they need to increase resource utilisation and proactively respond to needs for new resources. The possibilities for the future are great.

There’s lots to love with HPE SimpliVity and we can’t wait to show you.

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